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Engineer, Entrepreneur, Innovator
Welcome to my website where I share the latest in my work, hobbies, and education.
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My Strengths

My varied background in research, business, and engineering has provided me with a diverse skill set. I bring unique perspectives to projects based on a myriad of diverse problems that I've worked on in the past. My creative spirit allows me to find innovative solutions at work and in my hobbies, such as photography. I couple my creativity and unique experiences with a strong technical skillset grounded in my education in physics and sharpened through critical analytic work in finance as well as statisitcal work as a data scientist.


Creativity is a core part of my personality. I love photography, the culinary arts, and painting. I bring this pygmalion spirit to my work in data science and try to avoid being trapped in classical mindsets. The world of technology and machine learning is changing quickly and it takes a holistic and inventive mind to keep up with the cutting edge.

Statistical Rigor

No matter the field I've worked in (finance, engineering, physics, biology), math has often been a unifying constant in my life. I often think that I take after physicist Murray Gell-Mann in my personal philosophy that one can't appreciate any aspect of this universe without being inexorably drawn to the underlying statistical properties that unify them.

Unique Perspectives

Thanks to a strong education and keen mind, I've been able to work in a variety of fields and labs throughout my realtively short career. Many innovations in data science have come from other fields (e.g. mixed effect models from animal husbandry and hamiltonian monte carlo sampling from physics). My holistic approach to data science and life often help me attack problems in unconventional ways and to arrive at novel solutions.

My Content

Interested in seeing my work? Check out the links to below to see what I've been building, researching, and thinking about lately.

My Blog

My blog posts are mostly educational in nature and discuss practical and theoretical topics that I find interesting and want to explore and share with others.

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My Github

Want to see what I've been coding up lately? Check out my Github where I post code for my favorite side projects like Squidward, my open source package for GP modeling in python.

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My LinkedIn

Interested in connecting professionally? Reach out to me through Linkedin! I'm always happy to hear about new opportunities to collaborate or work together.

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My Consulting

Looking for a Data Science Consultant? Reach out to Stable Solutions. We specialize in machine learning consulting. We also have experts in the medical field on hand for special projects dealing with trials and pharmaceuticals.

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My Teaching

Interested in learning more about machine learning? As a partner and instructor at Deep Learning Dojo, I give regular lectures on topics related to Deep Learning and it's practical applications in today's world.

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Recommended Blogs

A big part of my professional development is education, both teaching and learning. I'm a firm believer that we should constantly strive to further our education throughout our lives. I've always enjoyed taking classes and reading books on a diverse range of subjects from glass blowing to the study of the Greek classics. Here I've listed a few blogs I've found to be extremely influencial on my education in datascience. Further down the page you can see my own personal blog!

Josh Touyz' Blog

Josh first introduced me to machine learning and began my journey to become a machine learning engineer. He is an amazing data scienist and an extraordinary friend.

Keegan Hines' Blog

I first met Keegan when I was interviewing for the Center for Machine Learning at Capital One. Keegan introduced me to bayesian statistics and gave me a true appreciation for the connections between physics and ML.


While building out models for the Digital Marketing team at Capital One, I became fascinated on a cyber security side project I adopted in my spare time. Machine learning is still surprisingly new to cyber security and there is a lot that can still be done in the field. I met Jason Trost at Capital One and his blog has been an amazing resource to learn about cyber and ML.


Stratechery is an amazing blog I picked up in my business analytics/strategy days. Ben Thompson focuses on the business strategy aspects of the tech world.

The Morning Paper

Working in the private sector, I was always playing catch up to figure out what was going on in the world of machine learning academia! Adrian Colyer's blog covers one 'influential' paper a day and has done wonders in helping me keep up to date on what is happening at the cutting edge.

Photo Work

Art is a huge passion of mine. I'm an amateur musician (I've been playing trombone since 4th grade) and I'm a huge photo nerd. I've done photoshoots around the world in locations such as central Japan and northern Tanzania. I often feel that the creativity I foster through my art helps push me to be a more innovative engineer. There is a focus, determination, and passion that needs to inspire any creative project, whether it's a statistical model build, painting, or piece of music. You can see highlights of my work below and full galleries at my photography website .

Professional Pixel Photography

Click here to see more of my photography work!

Contact Me

Email: jamesoneillmontgomery@gmail.com
Linkedin: James Montgomery